I swear you guys made this past year one of the coolest years ever. You guys can irritate the shit out of me sometimes, but for the most part y’all have me dying with laughter at 6am or at 11pm or whenever. Some of you have helped me grow and I hope I have helped the rest of you grow as well. Thanks for being some of the greatest coworkers ever ☺️ #tillys #team119 🙌 and you’re a lame if we couldn’t get a picture together!

Lunar moth by Peter Carrington on Flickr.

hyunseung exiting the bathroom and accidentally walking into someone’s interview
Fell in love with this place. The past 10 days have been truly amazing and beautiful. Now I can see why so many people write songs about California. It is honestly a beautiful place to live in. The people are more open and free and generous. I’ve met some amazing people these past two weeks that I hope to see again in the near future. I am now reassured that I want to move here😌 #calitrip #inlove #bittersweet #sad (at Los Angeles, CA)
✨🌸🌀 dvbbs #smf


The Story So Far, San Diego Warped Tour 2013 - Nesha Torres
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Good parenting 👏
@ Megacon 03/23/14 Orlando, FL
You already know I fucks with Kris

Good day @ Megacon 2014 // FL