The best two weeks ever;

I miss California so fucking much man. Skating and riding a bike in the sunny weather, smoking a bowl while watching the sunset in the beach, the bonfires while singing RHCP songs, meeting new people every day, seeing the beautiful mountains in the distance, eating delicious and authentic food at an affordable price, etc. California is nothing compared to Florida. I fucking felt a type of happiness that I had never felt before. It was so different. Now I know why people runaway to the west coast.
I met this guy in Venice Beach.
He was working at a tshirt shop. His name is Nick. He said it was a sudden decision to move to California. Impulse. He moved there and three days later he got the job at the shop. He bought my friends and I edibles and smoked us out as well. He talked to us about where he came from. He said, “Florida”, and when we asked which city…. He said, “Kissimmee”! I was fucking shocked that he comes from where I’ve spent the past 4 years. This guy was so funny and caring. I still remember the goodbye hug I gave him and looking back at him.

We met this hobo across the street from our hotel in Inglewood. He was able to purchase alcohol for us. This man was riding a bike and had the most genuine and adorable smile ever. The next day we ran into him again outside of Mcdonalds. There he was. Riding his bike. He said hi to us and asked us how we were doing and if we enjoyed ourselves the night before (we had gone to Hollywood). I don’t remember this man’s name, but this man himself was one person I will always remember.

I finally met Gabe at Vans Warped Tour in Pomona. We first started talking via MySpace in 2008. We finally met in 2014. Words can’t describe my friendship with this boy. He’s so sweet and kind and skinny. I swear there cannot be a single bad bone in his body. Him and I have gone through times where we have flirted nonstop and said the cutest shit to each other. And even though nothing extremely romantic has ever happened, he will forever be one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had the chance to have. Our friendship proves that no matter how near or far, a friendship is a friendship and it will last if it’s real. I love this kid with all my heart I will always cherish the few hours I got to spend with him.

I met Michael at Gay Night at this club in Hollywood. He just came up to me and started dancing with me. We danced face to face for what seemed like eternity. Rather than ditching me, he took me to the bar and got me water when I felt dehydrated. We went to the balcony area and cuddled. Mind you I had only know him for about 20 minutes. We exchanged numbers and took pictures. Then, we went back to the dancefloor. We texted and talked on the phone for the next 2 days. We talked about school and work and our favorite everythings. On the second to last night in California he came to spend the night. You’re probably thinking, “Ohh what a slut!” But no. We cuddled all night. He held me in his arms and kissed me. He whispered in my ear, “Don’t go”. It was heartbreaking. Not because I had fallen for him, but because so much went through my head at that time. I didn’t wanna leave. I had met such amazing people and had an amazing experience. Kissing him was so bittersweet. It was like kissing goodbye a new experience. One that had shown me that there is more to the world than staying in my room watching shows on Netflix, going to work every day, and all the other basic shit. Michael still talks to me regardless of the distance. I miss him so much. I met him at Gay Night and when I asked him of his sexuality he said he was bisexual. I’m not a know-it-all about sexuality, but I didn’t care what he was. He took the time out to drive a distance to see me before I left and still calls me to this day. I miss him so so much.

Florida skies, you are so fucking beautiful.

But I truly miss that West coast.

✨ with my homie, Walt, for my birthday #20 ✨ (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

Daehyun Kim - You Are Going to Die

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high lows and about to grub on a fat ass burrito
I swear you guys made this past year one of the coolest years ever. You guys can irritate the shit out of me sometimes, but for the most part y’all have me dying with laughter at 6am or at 11pm or whenever. Some of you have helped me grow and I hope I have helped the rest of you grow as well. Thanks for being some of the greatest coworkers ever ☺️ #tillys #team119 🙌 and you’re a lame if we couldn’t get a picture together!

Lunar moth by Peter Carrington on Flickr.

hyunseung exiting the bathroom and accidentally walking into someone’s interview